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OMNIS sponsored the Malagasy diaspora

In order to contribute to Madagascar’s development, OMNIS stood as Silver Sponsor of the Malagasy diaspora Forum, held at the Village Voara Andohotapenaka from october 26th to 28th. This participation is part of the Office’s strategy to grow its international and national recognitions.

During these 3 days, the main goal was to make the public - and especially the diaspora - familiar with OMNIS’ activities, so that they could share the relevant information with international investors, thus acting as ambassadors of OMNIS worldwide. Another aim was to increase public awareness about the existence of the state-owned agency in charge of promoting petroleum and uranium in Madagascar.

Hence, OMNIS’ visibility was ensured through the missions and activities of the three technical Directions, namely the Hydrocarbons Division, the Mineral and Drilling Division and the Laboratory Division. Besides, Madagascar’s petroleum and uranium potential were also depicted.

Aware of the strategic role that these sectors play in the economic growth of a country, OMNIS affirms its readiness to take part in the various platforms of exchanges and dialogues. The office is constantly working hard to make Madagascar an oil-producing country.





Mining giants eye Madagascar target

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The black gold of Madagascar target